Saturday, 14 March 2015

AT World Mobile Congress 2015 Yezz unveils Project Ara Modules

Smartphone manufacturer Yezz showed of a prototype of Google's modular Project Ara device at the
MWC 2015. The company claimed that the first Project Ara device will be launched in the next six
months. Google Project Ara modular phone comes with a total 11 modules including a screen module, camera module, processor, storage along with other smartphone modules.already in development and has discussions going on with other companies. It is working with Suncore on a folio case with a built in solar panel to boost the phone's battery life. The company is also in discussions with Toshiba about developing a camera module for the handset.

Yezz illustrated what the first Ara phone could look like, equipped with ten modules which the company called the Core Standard configuration. The device will have two module slots in the front- a 4.7 inch HD display and a small one at the top which will be filled by a proximity sensor/light
sensor/receiver. Users will be able to see notifications and the time on the lock screen, according to the company mock up. On the back of the phone will have a 5 MP camera module, and support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a USB port, a 3G HSPA/SIM module and a "standard" battery. On the bottom
of the device will be a module for speaker, and a standard APU which will have a quad-core (1.5
GHz) chip with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

Marion Chaparro, Yezz’s Communication Manager stated that the company is developing modules that will go inside the phones skeleton. She stated, "We are developing modules which go inside the phone’s outer skeleton. It’s like a game, a Lego construction game." She added. “With Project Ara we are entering into a new era of mobile.” Chaparro stated that, “The idea is that consumers can choose modular components for every feature on their smartphone. This is the smartphone that adapts to your needs – from your professional life to your private life and your leisure life and, of course, your budget.” Google has been working on the project Ara since 2013 and the first devices are expected this year.

The internet giant is planning to do an initial test launch in Puerto Rico before a wider global rollout later this year. The smartphone is expected to be priced at $200.

Source: TomsHardware