About Us

We seek for incremental innovation through market pull and technological push to provide new perceived benefits of new or improved products, processes or services to customers, employees or students. We concern the search for and the discovery, experimentation, development, imitation, and adoption of new products, new process and new organizational set ups with invention and exploitation. Our focus is on the customer needs, problematic search, random variability in experimentation, investing deliberate decision in learning, matching needs and ideas which already exist, simulating innovation such as research and development and bumping shocks to the system by managerial risk averse behaviour.

We gestate to hold a situation in chaos having a long term commitment to the dreams of the customers, employees or students without grasping a resolution by unifying concepts that often appear to be opposed and solving problems which appear impossible through novel products and their extensions.

Company Overview:

novudux is a Start Up Company, which was established in July 2014. It focuses on Training, Workshop, Building School & College Level Embedded Projects And Produce Product Level Designing.
For more detail Please visit our website:  www.novudux.com